In Which They Are Received

for 6 like instruments

Buy viola versionBuy clarinet versionBuy flute version This extended 6-part canon was originally written for 6 clarinets. Each instrumentalist plays the same material, but the impact of these identical statements varies with the surrounding musical context: some entrances produce tension, others merge smoothly with the prevailing atmosphere, and others barely register as the listener’s attention is concentrated elsewhere. Alternate versions are available for 6 violas, 6 flutes or 6 bassoons, and additional arrangements are in progress. The piece can also be performed by a single instrumentalist with electronic delay.

Greg Williams performing the viola version:

Christopher Rohrs performing the clarinet version:

The clarinet version of this work can be purchased here (both A4 and US Letter size PDFs); view a score sample here. The viola version is here and flute version is here (US Letter PDFs only). For all other instrumentation, please contact Rebekah.