Iwa Ni

for flute with optional fixed media

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The title Iwa Ni comes from a poem by 17th-century Japanese poet Matsuo Bashō. By itself, iwa ni means something like “into the rock”. Bashō wrote the poem at the mountain temple of Risshakuji, as part of his 1,500-mile journey around northern Japan.

shizukesa ya
iwa ni shimiiru
semi no koe
permeating the rock
cicada’s voice

Watch flutist Emily Wespiser perform Iwa Ni:

This piece includes some extended techniques: glissando, harmonics, two quartertones, and air sounds. They are introduced gradually and can be managed by players without a strong background in contemporary music.

Sheet music PDF and fixed media file available from Gumroad. Hard copies of the solo version available from Flute World.