La nostalgia

for SATB chorus (unaccompanied)

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The text for La nostalgia is a response to René Magritte’s 1940 Le mal du pays [Homesickness]. I originally set this poem for mezzo-soprano, viola, bass, and piano as part of La traición de las imágenes [The Treachery of Images], a song cycle inspired by eight of Magritte’s works. This choral arrangement was performed by GHOSTLIGHT Chorus on From Liberty and Fragrant Harbors.

Text in Spanish by Rebekah Driscoll:

La neblina del río nos envuelve.
El cemento del puente nos enfría.No nos miramos.Él quiere correr;
The fog from the river envelops us.
The cement of the bridge makes us cold.We do not face each other.He wants to run;
to fly.

For information about Spanish pronunciation, read the Spanish Diction Guide.